Nice to meet you! I'm Jey, a brand designer and illustrator

"Vision Bored", a gif of an eye opening and closing while dots and lines grow in and out

Selected Work

Create Remote

Art Direction, Brand and Logo Design

Create Remote is a slack channel that provides an inclusive space for designers and developers.


Art Direction, Web & Visual Design, Icon Design

Cress is a salad food stall that had a logo, but needed just about everything else

Full Case Study Coming Soon

JoyCreate on TikTok

I believe access to art and design education should be free for anyone that wants to learn, so I started sharing Procreate tutorials on TikTok. The response from new artists and illustrators has been overwhelming, and it's a great way for me to give back to the community. Please never feel obligated to, but if the videos have helped you out and you wouldn't mind, I'd happily take a coffee 🖤

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